Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 320
Fire Protection

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August 28, 2013

320.010. Proprietors of public buildings required to erect fire escapes--how
320.020. How erected and enclosed.
320.030. Number to each building.
320.040. Buildings to be equipped with fire escapes.
320.050. Penalties.
320.060. Duty of officers.
320.070. Doors to certain buildings to be hung, how.
320.080. Penalty.
320.081. Fire insurance company records to be furnished law enforcement
officials, when.
320.082. Fire insurance companies to report suspected arson to prosecuting or
circuit attorney--prosecutor to report to other authorized
320.083. Law enforcement officials to furnish fire insurance companies with
information regarding fire losses, when.
320.085. Immunity from civil or criminal actions for furnishing fire loss
information in good faith--presumption--closed records.
320.086. Access to closed arrest records not authorized--attorney-client
privilege not restricted or waived.
320.088. Personal protective equipment, standards for purchasing.
320.089. Labeling requirement for personal protective equipment, violation,
320.090. Emergency services, contracts for mutual aid operative in
320.091. Donation of used personal protection equipment and clothing,
immunity from liability, when, conditions.
320.092. Creates annual reporting requirements for certain tax credits.
320.093. Income tax credit for purchase of a dry fire hydrant or provision of
water storage for dry hydrants, requirements, limitations and
expiration date.
320.094. Fire education fund created, annual transfers--treasurer to administer
fund--transfer from general revenue--fire education trust fund
established, administration--appropriation to division of fire
safety--fire education/advisory commission established, members,
terms, compensation, meetings, duties.
320.095. Water supply, access during emergencies for fire protection
services, requirements--liability for damages.
320.097. Residency requirements prohibited, when.
320.106. Definitions.
320.111. Manufacture, distribution and sale, permit required--issuance, display
of, duration--powers and duties of state fire marshal,
inspections--fees--rights and obligations of permit
holders--rules, procedure--penalty for violation.
320.116. Revocation and refusal of permits, when--illegal fireworks seized as
contraband, return of, procedure, costs--review of action by state
fire marshal, how.
320.121. Powers of cities and certain counties to regulate or prohibit
320.122. Supremacy clause--regulation of fireworks (St. Louis County).
320.126. Special fireworks--possession and sale of limited, how, to
whom--displays, financial responsibility, proof of--inspection of
certain venues.
320.131. Possession, sale and use of certain fireworks
prohibited--restrictions--label required--items not regulated.
320.136. Ground salutes, special type, prohibited.
320.141. Permissible items of consumer fireworks, how sold, when.
320.146. Display and storage of fireworks, restrictions on.
320.151. Sales to children, sales by children, unlawful, exceptions--exploding
fireworks near gasoline pumps, certain buildings or from or at motor
vehicles, prohibited--certain restrictions--demonstrating and testing
allowed, requirements.
320.156. Items and activities not subject to provisions of sections 320.106 to
320.161. Penalty provisions.
320.200. Definitions.
320.202. Division of fire safety, created--duties of division and fire
marshal--rulemaking authority.
320.205. Fire marshal, appointment, qualifications.
320.210. Employees, how appointed, qualifications.
320.215. Reimbursement of employees, expenses and equipment, state to furnish.
320.220. Special deputy, who eligible.
320.225. Investigator to have same powers as fire marshal, when.
320.230. Investigations conducted--cooperation with local officials
required--may act as peace officers, when, qualifications.
320.235. Reports and records required--open to public, exceptions.
320.240. Property may be entered for investigation, when.
320.245. Subpoena powers--hearing, where conducted--fees for service of process
and depositions.
320.250. Powers of political subdivisions not affected.
320.255. Salaries, expenses and costs, how paid.
320.260. Office space to be provided.
320.265. Appeals, how taken.
320.271. Information to be filed with fire marshal, by certain fire protection
organizations--when--identification numbers.
320.273. Dry hydrant technical assistance program to be established--dry
hydrant defined--purposes and goals of program.
320.300. Volunteer fire protection association, definition.
320.302. Nonmembers, association may respond to any emergency,
320.305. Claim of loss, payment of claims to association,
nonmember--violations, penalties.
320.307. Nonpayment of claim, association has cause of action, amount.
320.310. Boundaries, filing with county--sole providers, when.
320.320. Volunteer firefighters serving without wages, salary or certain other
benefits, declared to be public safety officers of state--volunteer
firefighters may receive certain benefits.
320.330. Citation of law.
320.333. Definitions.
320.336. Termination from employment prohibited, when--loss of pay permitted,
when--written verification of service permitted--employer
notification requirements.
320.339. Wrongful termination, cause of action permitted.
320.350. Title of law--definitions.
320.353. Cigarettes, testing requirements, standards--manufacturers to maintain
copies of testing reports--state fire marshal may adopt
subsequent standards, report required.
320.356. Testing verification reports, content--state fire marshal
certification--fee--retesting required, when.
320.359. Compliance marking required, method of marking permitted--copy of
certification to be provided to wholesalers, when.
320.362. Violations, penalties.
320.365. Rulemaking authority--department of revenue may inspect cigarettes for
320.368. Enforcement procedures--authorization to examine records.
320.371. Fund created, use of moneys.
320.374. Sale of cigarettes outside state or United States, requirements not to
apply--termination of requirements, when--state preemption.
320.380. Compliance with applicable laws required.

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