Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 332

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August 28, 2013

332.011. Definitions.
332.021. Dental board, members, qualifications, appointment, terms, vacancy,
how filled--board may sue and be sued.
332.031. Board, powers and duties--rulemaking, procedure.
332.032. Board president or secretary may administer oaths and subpoena
witnesses and documents, when--enforcement of subpoenas.
332.041. Board, meetings, officers--records--compensation.
332.051. Office, where--investigators, duties.
332.052. Dental records required, printed for review--records maintained for
minimum of seven years--corrections to be clearly
identified--laboratory work orders maintained.
332.061. Funds, collection, disposition--board fund established, use,
transferred to general revenue, when.
332.069. Practice of dentistry across state lines, restrictions--no license
required, when.
332.071. Practice of dentistry defined.
332.072. Gratuitous dental services, dentists and dental
hygienists licensed in other states may perform, when--prohibited,
when--dental hygiene services, supervision required, when.
332.073. Death or incapacity, continuation of dental practice, when.
332.081. Unlicensed or unregistered practice prohibited--corporation,
requirements, exceptions--application for permit to employ
dentists and dental hygienists--rulemaking authority.
332.086. Advisory commission for dental hygienists established, duties,
members, terms, meetings, expenses.
332.091. Practice as a dental hygienist defined.
332.093. Practice as a dental assistant defined.
332.098. Expanded-function duties, delegation of--requirements--rulemaking
332.101. Practice as dental hygienist without certificate, prohibited,
332.111. Unregistered or unlicensed practice, penalty.
332.112. Volunteer license, requirements--renewal--limitation on practice--no
application fee.
332.113. Volunteer dental hygienist license, requirements--renewal--limitation
on practice--no application fee.
332.121. Board may ask court to enjoin illegal practice--venue.
332.122. Reimbursement by health benefit or dental plans, criteria.
332.131. Applicant for registration as a dentist, qualifications of.
332.141. Application form, contents--fee.
332.151. Dentist applicant, examination, how conducted--failure,
reexamination, additional education, when.
332.161. Failed applicant, new examination--fee.
332.171. Specialist license, fee, issued when--evaluation committee
established, compensation.
332.181. License to practice dentistry, application, fee, renewal,
332.191. Dentist, license, contents.
332.201. Dentist, temporary certificate or license issued, when,
length of time valid.
332.211. Registration and licensing without examination, requirements, fee.
332.221. Dentist, certificate of practice, who eligible for, fee.
332.231. Applicant as dental hygienist, qualifications.
332.241. Application, contents, fee.
332.251. Dental hygienist applicant, examination, how conducted--failure,
reexamination, additional education, when.
332.261. License as dental hygienist, application, fee, renewal--renewal
and reinstatement procedure.
332.271. Dental hygienist license, contents.
332.281. Dental hygienist, license without examination, when--fee.
332.291. Dental hygienist, certificate of practice, who eligible, fee.
332.301. Dental hygienist, temporary license prohibited.
332.302. Definitions.
332.303. Dental hygienist distance learning committee established,
332.304. Duties of the dental hygienist distance learning committee.
332.305. Dissolution of the dental hygienist distance learning
332.306. Distance dental hygienist education program to be established
by department of economic development--distance dental hygienist
education program defined.
332.311. Dental hygienist to practice under dentist supervision only--no
supervision required for fluoride treatments, teeth cleaning and
332.316. Complaint by prisoners--disposition of certain records.
332.321. Refusal to issue or renew, revocation or suspension of license,
grounds for, procedure--additional disciplinary actions.
332.323. Dental services provided free of charge, immunity from civil damages
for discrimination.
332.324. Donated dental services program established--contract with Missouri
dental board, contents.
332.327. Dental well-being committee, powers and duties, records confidential,
exception, the well-being committee--diversion agreements,
entered into, when.
332.341. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 970 A)
332.361. Dentist may prescribe, possess and administer drugs.
332.362. Dentists to have sedation or anesthesia permits--sedation or
anesthesia prescribed or administered, how--site certificate
required--rulemaking authority.
332.364. Removable dentures to be marked for identification, how marked--prior
existing unmarked dentures to be marked, when.
332.366. Teeth-whitening services deemed practice of dentistry.
332.425. Instructor in accredited school, issuance of teaching license, when.

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