Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 340

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August 28, 2013

340.200. Definitions.
340.202. Missouri veterinary medical board created--members--vacancies, how
filled--public member--terms.
340.204. Termination of membership, when.
340.206. Duties of board--special meetings by telephone conference--open to
340.208. Compensation, expenses.
340.210. Seal--powers of board--rulemaking procedure.
340.212. Record of board proceedings--list of persons licensed, suspended,
revoked, disciplined, forwarding of lists--reports of final
disciplinary actions--immunity.
340.214. Veterinary medical board fund created, fees to be transmitted,
preemption--fund to lapse into general revenue, when.
340.216. Practice without license prohibited, prohibited
340.217. Practice of veterinary medicine across state lines defined--license
not required, when.
340.218. Evidence of intent to engage in practice.
340.220. Transplant of embryo considered veterinary practice, when.
340.222. Supervisor responsible and liable, when.
340.224. Board's authority not limited, when.
340.226. Licensed veterinary employees, prohibited
when--exceptions--application of section.
340.228. Application for licensure, contents--false statements,
penalty--qualifications for licensure.
340.230. Nonaccredited colleges, educational commission of foreign veterinary
graduate's certificate.
340.232. Registration and examination fees--return of examination
fee--procedure upon failure of examination.
340.234. Examination--licensure without examination.
340.236. Failure to qualify for examination, notice, contents, appeal.
340.238. Licensure by reciprocity, requirements--additional
requirements--negotiation of compacts--fee--notification of
failure to qualify, filing of complaint.
340.246. Provisional licensure, requirements--term.
340.247. Veterinary faculty license, requirements, limitations--disciplinary
340.248. Out-of-state veterinarian, temporary licensure for specific animal
owner--term, renewal--agent for service of process.
340.250. Temporary or provisional license, board's exclusive authority.
340.252. Display of license, certificate, permit.
340.254. Existing certificate recognized, requirements.
340.255. Inactive license status, procedure.
340.256. Retirement, affidavit required--effect.
340.258. License expires, when--notice of renewal--application for renewal,
continuing education requirements, contents--false statements,
penalties--declaration of noncurrency for failure to renew.
340.260. Practice after declaration of noncurrency, penalty.
340.262. Renewal of expired license, requirements--waiver of fees, when.
340.264. Refusal to issue or renew certificate, grounds--complaint may be
filed, grounds--procedure.
340.266. Application for reinstatement of license--period.
340.268. Continuing education course, examination may be required.
340.270. Records of patients, discoverable.
340.272. Complaint for expedited hearing, when--hearing, decision,
when--temporary authority final, when.
340.274. Automatic revocation of license, when--automatic reinstatement,
when--automatic denial of license, when.
340.276. Injunctions, restraining orders, other orders, when,
grounds--commencement of action, where.
340.278. Relicensing and reinstatement--conditions.
340.280. Chairman may administer oaths, issue subpoena--enforcement of
subpoenas, where.
340.282. Immunity of persons cooperating with the board.
340.284. Medical records to be maintained.
340.286. Disclosure of information, when required--immunity--waiver of
340.287. Veterinary emergency care, no civil liability, exceptions (Good
Samaritan law).
340.288. Animal deemed abandoned, when, disposal of--immunity--abandoned
defined, effect--necropsy authorized, when, disposal of
corpse--owner's financial obligation.
340.290. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
340.292. Severability.
340.294. Penalty--separate offenses.
340.296. Veterinary technician, board to register.
340.298. Provisions applicable to technicians.
340.300. Veterinary technician, registration of, application,
340.302. Registration fee, technician--examination fee--consequences of
340.304. Technician, admittance to examination--failure to qualify, notice.
340.306. Waiver of examination, when--grade score transfer permitted, when.
340.308. Examination for technicians--application fee--rules--notification
of results.
340.310. Notice to successful examinees.
340.312. Technician certification, inactive status, when--notification of
termination of employment--continuing education required, when.
340.314. Expiration, renewal of technician's certificate, fees--notice of
renewal, application.
340.316. Application, contents--false statements, penalty.
340.318. Declaration of noncurrency for failure to renew certificate, notice.
340.320. Practice as technician after revocation, penalty--application for
340.322. Renewal, inactive status.
340.324. Continuing education, requirement.
340.326. Supervision of veterinarian required--level of supervision.
340.328. Emergency treatment authorized--immunity.
340.330. Disciplinary action against technician authorized, when.
340.335. Loan repayment program for veterinary graduates--fund created.
340.337. Definitions.
340.339. Certain areas designated as areas of defined need by department by
340.341. Eligibility standards for loan repayment program--rulemaking
340.343. Contract for loan repayment, contents--specific practice sites may be
340.345. Loan repayment to include principal, interest and related
expenses--annual limit.
340.347. Liability for amounts paid by program, when--breach of contract,
amount owed to state.
340.350. Rulemaking authority.
340.375. Department to administer loan program--advisory panel to be appointed,
members, duties--rulemaking authority.
340.381. Program and fund created, use of moneys.
340.384. Application procedure--amount of award--number of applicants to be
340.387. Contracts for assistance--repayment--forgiveness of loan, when.
340.390. Failure to meet employment obligations, repayment of loan
required--deferral on repayment permitted, when.
340.393. Action to recover amounts due permitted.
340.396. Contracts not required, when--expiration date.
340.399. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 931 A)
340.402. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 931 A)
340.405. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 931 A)

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