Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 344
Nursing Home Administrators

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August 28, 2013

344.010. Definitions.
344.020. License required--separate license for assisted living facilities
administrators, limitations of license.
344.030. License, qualifications, fee, examination,
term--reciprocity--emergency license.
344.040. License renewal, application for, fee--late renewal,
effect--additional disciplinary action authorized, when.
344.050. Suspension--revocation--probation--refusal to issue or renew
license--grounds--procedure--right of review by administrative
hearing commission.
344.060. Board created--membership, qualifications, terms, removed how,
344.070. Board officers, how selected--duties and powers of board--rules and
regulations, procedure.
344.080. Compensation of board members, exception.
344.100. Acting as nursing home administrator without license, penalty.
344.105. Retired licenses permitted, when, procedure.
344.108. Inactive status of license permitted, when--reactivation, procedure.

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