Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 417
Trademarks, Names and Private Emblems

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August 28, 2013

417.005. Definitions.
417.011. Prohibited marks.
417.016. Registration of trademark--application, contents--information
required by secretary of state--fee, how payable--refusal to register
mark, procedure.
417.018. Additional fee--expiration date.
417.021. Certificate of registration, how issued--admissible as
evidence--duplicate of certificate, application, fee--abstract of
mark, fee.
417.026. Term of registration--notice of expiration, when required.
417.031. Assignment of mark, procedure.
417.036. Registry of marks open to public.
417.041. Cancellation of marks, when.
417.046. Classes of goods and services--single application for mark to cover
only one class.
417.051. Fraudulent filing or registration--civil damages to injured party.
417.056. Prohibited acts--civil action for damages, when.
417.061. Injunctive relief, when--order for payment to owner of
mark--destruction of counterfeit marks.
417.066. Common law marks not affected--actions to require cancellation of a
mark or to compel registration, venue, parties.
417.100. Facsimile of brands to be recorded.
417.130. Recorder's certificate, evidence.
417.140. Penalty.
417.150. Misuse of names of certain societies prohibited.
417.160. Use of emblems regulated.
417.170. Adoption of name and emblem--registration form, fee.
417.175. Registration of emblem effective for five years, renewal procedure,
417.180. Penalty for violation.
417.190. Penalty for improper use of emblem of automobile club.
417.200. Fictitious names to be registered.
417.210. Registration, when and how--contents--cancellation of fictitious
name--ownership reflected in registration, when--registration
effective and expiration dates--renewals, contents, effective
417.215. (Repealed L. 2004 H.B. 1664 A)
417.217. Foreign businesses, registration, when--exemption from, when.
417.220. Registration fee.
417.230. Penalty for failure to register.
417.240. Owner of farm may register name of same.
417.250. Description of mark, where filed--notice of use.
417.260. Duties of recorder and secretary of state--fees.
417.270. Penalty for violation.
417.280. What constitutes evidence.
417.290. Acceptance of deposit does not constitute a sale.
417.300. Dairy products containers--description, where filed--notice, how
published--certificate of record.
417.310. Receptacles--unlawful use.
417.320. Receptacles--unlawful possession.
417.330. Search warrants--prosecution.
417.340. Penalty.
417.350. Terms construed.
417.360. "Sale" construed.
417.400. Definitions.
417.403. Disclosures required to be made in writing by invention developer to
customer, content.
417.406. Contract for invention development services, form, content.
417.409. Cover sheet required for contract content--additional information on
cover prohibited.
417.412. Termination of contract, procedure--service on contract not required,
417.415. Bond required for invention developer, when, amount--copy to be
filed with department of economic development--cash deposit accepted
instead of bond.
417.418. Payment for services to be by check--taking other negotiable
instrument, effect--contract limitation--execution of note or
series of notes prohibited.
417.421. Records and correspondence retention requirement--customer's right
to copy, cost, procedure.
417.424. Contract unenforceable against customer, when, exceptions--waiver by
customer void, exception.
417.426. False or fraudulent statements, failure to make required disclosures,
civil liability--damages--punitive damages, when--attorney general's
417.427. Confidentiality of all disclosures by customer, exceptions--waiver
by customer must be in writing after receiving disclosure.
417.430. Assignee of invention developer subject to all claims and defenses
of customer.
417.433. Report in writing to be delivered quarterly to customer--content.
417.436. Invention developer law not exclusive subject to applicable laws.
417.450. Law how cited.
417.453. Definitions.
417.455. Misappropriation, actual or threatened may be enjoined--injunction
terminates, when--exceptional circumstances, defined.
417.457. Damages for misappropriation--punitive damages awarded, when.
417.459. Court's duty in misappropriation, action to preserve secrecy of
trade secret.
417.461. Action for misappropriation must be brought when, time
limitation--continuing misappropriation is one claim.
417.463. Action for misappropriation displaces certain other actions for
recovery--actions civil and criminal not affected.
417.465. Purpose of the uniform law.
417.467. Effect of existing misappropriation prior to August 28, 1995.

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