Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 431
General Provisions as to Contracts

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August 28, 2013

431.010. Private seals abolished.
431.020. Instrument of writing to import consideration--due and payable as
431.030. Provisions limiting time for bringing suits prohibited.
431.040. Fraud in sale of nursery stock--damages recoverable.
431.050. Failure of nurserymen to deliver at proper time and season, contract
431.055. Persons competent to contract when eighteen years of age.
431.056. Minor's ability to contract for certain purposes--conditions.
431.058. Consent to immunization of child, who may give,
when--definitions--reliance by health care provider--limitations
on liability, when.
431.060. Contracts by persons under eighteen years of age--ratification
necessary--how made.
431.061. Consent to surgical or medical treatment, who may give, when.
431.062. Minor cannot disaffirm contract, when--parents or guardian not liable,
exception--disclosure by physician authorized, when.
431.063. Implied consent, when valid--lack of consent, when excused--emergency
431.064. Experimental treatment, tests, and drugs, consent to administer by
third party--life-threatening emergencies, consent by whom.
431.065. Minor spouse or parent may give consent, when.
431.066. Insurance benefits payable directly to minor, when--validity of
receipt--disaffirmance prohibited.
431.067. Contracts of minors to borrow money for higher education--validity.
431.068. Persons seventeen or older may donate blood--written permission
required for sixteen-year-olds.
431.069. Acquiring human tissues declared to be rendition of a
service--transfusions or transplants declared not a sale--implied
warranties, how limited.
431.070. Contracts with counties, effect.
431.080. Suit may be instituted thereon.
431.090. County commission may appoint agent to contract for county.
431.100. Claims against county for work and labor.
431.110. Joint contracts to be construed as joint and several.
431.120. Joint debt shall survive, against whom.
431.130. Survival of debt, against whom.
431.140. Joint obligations--suit brought against whom.
431.150. Creditor may compound with one of several debtors--release--what sums.
431.160. Assignor shall not release demand, when--title of assignee.
431.170. Action against assignor by assignee, when.
431.180. Contract for private design or construction work, scheduled
payments--action for failure to pay,
431.181. Payments for the transportation of property to be made within thirty
days after delivery, when--warranty repair work, reimbursement, rates.
431.183. Payment contingent upon payment from third party, not a defense to
enforcement of lien.
431.202. Employment covenants enforceable, when--reasonability presumption.

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