Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 453
Adoption and Foster Care

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August 28, 2013

453.005. Construction of sections 453.010 to 453.400--ethnic and racial
diversity considerations.
453.010. Petition for permission to adopt, venue, jurisdiction--no denial or
delay in placement of child based on residence or
domicile--expedited placement, when.
453.011. Expediting termination of parental rights and contested adoption
453.012. Requirements for adoption effective for petitions filed on or after
August 28, 1997.
453.014. Who may place minor for adoption--rules and regulations, authority.
453.015. Definitions.
453.020. Petition--guardian ad litem appointed--fee, deposit in putative
father registry fund.
453.025. Appointment of guardian ad litem, when--fee--duties of guardian
ad litem.
453.026. Written report to be furnished to prospective adoptive parent, court
and guardian ad litem, when.
453.030. Approval of court required--how obtained, consent of child and parent
required, when--validity of consent--forms, developed by
department, contents--court appointment of attorney, when.
453.040. Consent of parents not required, when.
453.050. Waiving of necessity of consent, when permitted--how executed.
453.060. Service on parties, how accomplished--petitioners' names not to appear
on copy of petition served with summons, when--right of appeal--waiver
of service--putative father unknown, procedure.
453.061. Conception of a child, man deemed to be on notice, when.
453.065. Definitions.
453.070. Investigations precondition for adoption--contents of investigation
report--how conducted--assessments of adoptive parents,
contents--waiving of investigation, when--fees--preference to
foster parents, when.
453.072. Qualified relatives to receive subsidies, when--definitions.
453.073. Subsidy to adopted child--determination of--how paid--written
453.074. Duties of division of family services in administration of subsidy.
453.075. Petitioner in adoption proceeding to give accounting,
when--contents--consequences of impropriety.
453.077. Postplacement assessments required, when--rulemaking authority.
453.080. Hearing--decree--contact or exchange of identifying information
between adopted person and birth or adoptive parent not to be
denied, when.
453.090. Consequences of adoption--child defined.
453.100. Clerk to certify decree for vital statistics record--contents.
453.101. Guardian appointed when adoption not granted--powers and duties to be
453.102. Family services to inform adoptive parents of postplacement services,
when--nature of services--family services to assist in cases of
adoptive placement.
453.110. Prohibiting transfer of custody of
child--exception--penalty--investigation and report--transfer of
custody order issued, when.
453.120. Records of adoption proceedings not open to inspection except on order
of the court--penalty for violation.
453.121. Adoption records, disclosure procedure--registry of biological parents
and adopted adults.
453.140. Validity of decree not subject to attack for irregularities after
expiration of one year.
453.150. Effect of adoptions made previous to July 1, 1917.
453.153. One church-one child program to find adoptive placements for certain
453.160. Validity of decree under any prior act not subject to attack for
irregularities after expiration of one year--revocation of consent.
453.170. Adoption under laws of other states or countries, requirements,
453.315. Order of protection, purpose of.
453.322. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
453.325. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
453.350. Higher education visit for certain foster children and youth in
division of youth services program required--cost reimbursement,
453.400. Stepparent required to support stepchild--recovery from natural or
adoptive parent, when--stepparent's income considered in aid to
dependent children.
453.500. Interstate adoption assistance compact adopted--text of compact--false
claims, penalty.
453.503. State may withdraw from compact, how.
453.600. Fund created, use of moneys--board created, purpose, members,
duties--sunset provision.

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