Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 566
Sexual Offenses
Section 566.010

August 28, 2013

Chapter 566 and chapter 568 definitions.

566.010. As used in this chapter and chapter 568, the following terms mean:

(1) "Deviate sexual intercourse", any act involving the genitals of one person and the hand, mouth, tongue, or anus of another person or a sexual act involving the penetration, however slight, of the male or female sex organ or the anus by a finger, instrument or object done for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of any person or for the purpose of terrorizing the victim;

(2) "Sexual conduct", sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse or sexual contact;

(3) "Sexual contact", any touching of another person with the genitals or any touching of the genitals or anus of another person, or the breast of a female person, or such touching through the clothing, for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire of any person;

(4) "Sexual intercourse", any penetration, however slight, of the female sex organ by the male sex organ, whether or not an emission results.

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Effective 6-05-06

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