Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 566
Sexual Offenses
Section 566.148

August 28, 2013

Certain offenders not to physically be present or loiter within five hundred feet of a child care facility--violation, penalty.

566.148. 1. Any person who has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to, or been convicted of, or been found guilty of:

(1) Violating any of the provisions of this chapter or the provisions of subsection 2 of section 568.020, incest; section 568.045, endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree; subsection 2 of section 568.080, use of a child in a sexual performance; section 568.090, promoting a sexual performance by a child; section 573.023, sexual exploitation of a minor; section 573.025, promoting child pornography in the first degree; section 573.035, promoting child pornography in the second degree; section 573.037, possession of child pornography, or section 573.040, furnishing pornographic material to minors; or

(2) Any offense in any other state or foreign country, or under federal, tribal, or military jurisdiction which, if committed in this state, would be a violation listed in this section;

shall not knowingly be physically present in or loiter within five hundred feet of or to approach, contact, or communicate with any child under eighteen years of age in any child care facility building, on the real property comprising any child care facility when persons under the age of eighteen are present in the building, on the grounds, or in the conveyance, unless the offender is a parent, legal guardian, or custodian of a student present in the building or on the grounds.

2. For purposes of this section, "child care facility"shall have the same meaning as such term is defined in section 210.201.

3. Any person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

(L. 2009 H.B. 62)

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