Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 566
Sexual Offenses
Section 566.155

August 28, 2013

Certain offenders not to serve as athletic coaches, managers, or trainers--violation, penalty.

566.155. 1. Any person who has pleaded guilty to, or been convicted of, or been found guilty of:

(1) Violating any of the provisions of this chapter or the provisions of subsection 2 of section 568.020, incest; section 568.045, endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree; subsection 2 of section 568.080, use of a child in a sexual performance; section 568.090, promoting a sexual performance by a child; section 573.023, sexual exploitation of a minor; section 573.025, promoting child pornography; or section 573.040, furnishing pornographic material to minors; or

(2) Any offense in any other state or foreign country, or under federal, tribal, or military jurisdiction which, if committed in this state, would be a violation listed in this section;

shall not serve as an athletic coach, manager, or athletic trainer for any sports team in which a child less than seventeen years of age is a member.

2. The first violation of the provisions of this section shall be a class D felony.

3. A second or subsequent violation of this section shall be a class C felony.

(L. 2009 H.B. 62)

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