Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 535
Landlord-Tenant Actions

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August 28, 2013

535.010. If rent be not paid as agreed, landlord may recover possession, how.
535.020. Procedure to recover possession--filing of statement--issuance of
535.030. Service of summons--court date included in summons.
535.040. Upon return of summons, cause to be heard--landlord not liable,
when--landlord notification of property left by tenant.
535.050. Process shall not issue until expiration of lease, when.
535.060. Demand of rent good, when.
535.070. Purchaser of leased lands may recover possession.
535.081. Rent recovery, successor in title, notice required--notice may
be attached to notarized affidavit (counties of the first
535.090. Complaint, contents--proof of trial.
535.100. Change of judge and venue same as under chapter 517.
535.110. Trials de novo and appeals--defendant to furnish bond to stay
535.120. Action brought, when.
535.130. Summons in such action, how served.
535.140. Service shall stand instead of demand.
535.150. Judgment for recovery of demised premises.
535.160. Tender of rent and costs on judgment date, effect--not bar to
landlord's appeal--no stay of execution if no money judgment,
535.170. Lessee barred from relief, when--appeal permitted, when.
535.180. Reservation in favor of mortgagee of lease in such case.
535.185. Tenant to be furnished address of person managing property and address
to receive notices and service of process--post office box address,
procedure--violation, effect.
535.200. Landlord-tenant court authorized in City of St. Louis,
jurisdiction--landlord-tenant commissioners, powers and
qualifications--landlord-tenant court procedures.
535.210. Landlord-tenant court authorized in Jackson County,
jurisdiction--landlord-tenant commissioners, powers and
qualifications--landlord-tenant court procedures.
535.300. Security deposits, limitation--return of deposit or notice of damages,
when--withholding deposit, when--tenant's right to damages--security
deposit defined.

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