Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 640
Department of Natural Resources
Section 640.415

August 28, 2014

State water resource plan to be established for use of surface and ground water--annual report, contents--powers of department.

640.415. 1. The department shall develop, maintain and periodically update a state water plan for a long-range, comprehensive statewide program for the use of surface water and groundwater resources of the state, including existing and future need for drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, recreation, environmental protection and related needs. This plan shall be known as the "State Water Resources Plan". The department shall collect data, make surveys, investigations and recommendations concerning the water resources of the state as related to its social, economic and environmental needs.

2. The department shall establish procedures to ensure public participation in the development and revision of the state water plan.

3. The department shall submit a report to the general assembly at least one year prior to the submission of the state water resources plan. The report shall specify the major components of the plan, and may recommend any statutory revision which may be necessary to implement the requirements of this section. The plan shall be submitted to the general assembly for approval or disapproval by concurrent resolution.

4. The department may:

(1) Require such reports from groundwater and surface water users and other state agencies as may be necessary; and

(2) Conduct investigations and cooperate or contract with agencies of the United States, agencies or political subdivisions of this state, public or private corporations, associations or individuals on any matter relevant to the administration of section 192.300, sections 640.100, 640.120, and 640.400 to 640.435.

(L. 1989 S.B. 112, et al. ยง 6)

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