Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 643
Air Conservation
Section 643.242

August 28, 2014

Inspection of projects, when--inspection fee--postponement of project, notice to department, failure to notify, effect--exemption from fee for local air pollution control agency, when.

643.242. 1. Asbestos abatement projects of a magnitude greater than or equal to one hundred sixty square feet or two hundred sixty linear feet or thirty-five cubic feet or all regulated demolition projects are subject to inspection.

2. The commission shall be authorized to assess a fee of not more than one hundred dollars for each on-site inspection of an asbestos abatement or demolition project. Such fees would not be assessed for more than three on-site inspections during the period an actual abatement project is in progress. Failure of the asbestos abatement contractor to notify the department of project postponement may result in the assessment of an inspection fee in the event of an on-site visit by the department.

3. Any person undertaking an asbestos abatement project or regulated demolition project in the jurisdiction of an authorized local air pollution control agency shall be exempt from an inspection fee if the authorized local agency also imposes an inspection fee.

(L. 1989 H.B. 77, et al., A.L. 2011 H.B. 89)


Nonseverability clause, 640.099

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