Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 650
Department of Public Safety

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August 28, 2013

650.005. Department of public safety created--director,
appointment--department's duties--rules, procedure.
650.020. Operation payback--reimbursement for crime tips--rules.
650.025. Missing and endangered persons advisory system
created--definitions--rulemaking authority.
650.030. State firearms training and qualification standard for retired
law enforcement officers carrying concealed weapons, rules.
650.050. DNA profiling system to be established in department of public safety,
650.052. Consultation with crime laboratories--DNA system, powers and
duties--expert testimony--rulemaking authority.
650.055. Felony convictions for certain offenses to have biological samples
collected, when--use of sample--highway patrol and department of
corrections, duty--DNA records and biological materials to be
closed record, disclosure, when--expungement of record, when.
650.056. Evidence capable of being tested for DNA must be preserved.
650.057. Local law enforcement agencies not to operate system,
exceptions--rules authorized--DNA evidence in court use by local
law enforcers.
650.058. Individuals who are actually innocent may receive restitution, amount,
petition, definition, limitations and requirements--guilt
confirmed by DNA testing, procedures--petitions for
restitution--order of expungement.
650.059. Crime laboratory review commission established, purpose, members,
vacancies, powers and duties.
650.060. Accreditation of crime laboratory required,
when--exceptions--rulemaking authority.
650.100. Definitions.
650.105. Assistance program established--distribution of state funds--access
to laboratories--limitation on establishment of new laboratories.
650.110. Jefferson County, crime laboratory, funding.
650.120. Grants to fund investigations of internet sex crimes against
children--fund created--panel, membership, terms--local matching
amounts--priorities--training standards--information
sharing--panel recommendation--power of arrest--sunset provision.
650.200. Citation of act--applicability.
650.205. Definitions.
650.210. Board, created--members, appointment, qualifications,
expenses--meetings, when, where.
650.215. Rules, promulgation--procedure.
650.216. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
650.220. Boilers and pressure vessels to conform to rules, exceptions.
650.225. Maximum allowable pressure.
650.230. Exemptions.
650.235. Chief inspector, appointment, qualifications, powers, duties.
650.240. Deputy inspectors, appointment, qualifications.
650.245. Special inspectors, appointed, when--qualifications, duties.
650.250. Examinations, contents, fee--commissions, renewal, fees.
650.255. Commissions, suspension, reinstatement, procedure--lost, replaced,
650.260. Inspections, how conducted, when, by whom--director and inspectors,
access to premises, when, duties--test, when, fee.
650.265. Inspection report, filed with chief inspector, when--inspection
records, how maintained--annual statement, filed, where,
fee--inspection certificate, suspended, reinstated, when.
650.270. Operation without inspection certificate, penalty.
650.275. Inspection fees.
650.277. Fees for inspection, permits, licenses, and certificates, amount
determined by board--boiler and pressure vessels safety fund
650.280. Chief and deputy inspectors to furnish bond.
650.285. Appeals, procedure.
650.290. Law not applicable in certain cities and counties.
650.295. Backflow prevention assembly tester--eligibility for registration,
licensing--political subdivisions may set additional standards.
650.300. Definitions.
650.310. Office of victims of crime established, purpose--duties.
650.320. Definitions.
650.325. Advisory committee for 911 service oversight established.
650.330. Committee for 911 service oversight members, qualifications,
duties--department of public safety to provide staff.
650.340. 911 training and standards act.
650.350. Missouri sheriff methamphetamine relief taskforce created, members,
compensation, meetings--MoSMART fund created--concealed carry
permit fund created--rulemaking authority.
650.390. Definitions.
650.393. Commission established, membership, terms.
650.396. Tax authorized, when, amount.
650.399. Tax levied, vote required, ballot language--effective date--fund
created, use of moneys.
650.402. Emergency communications system fund established, use of funds,
650.405. Powers and responsibilities of board.
650.408. Bonds, issuance authorized for operation and maintenance of
system--submission to the voters, ballot language, use of money.
650.411. Use of moneys derived from the sale of bonds.
650.450. Citation.
650.451. Definitions.
650.454. Medals for extraordinary valor may be issued to public safety
officers, when--surviving relatives may receive medal on
person's behalf.
650.457. Missouri Medal of Valor Review Board established,
650.460. Missouri Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Fund
established--use of funds.
650.475. Prohibiting or restricting communication with federal authorities
regarding citizenship or immigration, unlawful when--attorney
general to issue opinion, when--rights of public employees.

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