Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 701
State Standards
Section 701.025

August 28, 2014


701.025. As used in sections 701.025 to 701.059, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms mean:

(1) "Department", the department of health and senior services of the state of Missouri;

(2) "Director", the director of the department of health and senior services or the designee of the director;

(3) "Existing system", an on-site sewage disposal system in operation prior to September 1, 1995;

(4) "Human excreta", undigested food and by-products of metabolism which are passed out of the human body;

(5) "Imminent health hazard", a condition which is likely to cause an immediate threat to life or a serious risk to the health, safety, and welfare of the public if immediate action is not taken;

(6) "Major modification" or "major repair", the redesigning and alteration of an on-site sewage system by relocation of the system or a part of the system, replacement of the septic tank or construction of a new absorption field;

(7) "Nuisance", sewage, human excreta or other human organic waste discharged or exposed on the owner's land or any other land from an on-site sewage disposal system in a manner that makes it a potential instrument or medium for the breeding of flies and mosquitoes, the production of odors, or the transmission of disease to or between a person or persons, or which contaminates surface waters* or groundwater;

(8) "On-site sewage disposal system", any system handling or treatment facility receiving domestic sewage which discharges into a subsurface soil absorption system and discharges less than three thousand gallons per day;

(9) "On-site sewage disposal system contractor", any person who constructs, alters, repairs, or extends an on-site sewage disposal system on behalf of, or under contract with, the property owner;

(10) "Person", any individual, group of individuals, association, trust, partnership, corporation, person doing business under an assumed name, the state of Missouri or any department thereof, or any political subdivision of this state;

(11) "Property owner", the person in whose name legal title to the real estate is recorded;

(12) "Sewage" or "domestic sewage", human excreta and wastewater, including bath and toilet waste, residential laundry waste, residential kitchen waste and other similar waste from household or establishment appurtenances. Sewage and domestic sewage waste are further categorized as:

(a) "Blackwater", waste carried off by toilets, urinals and kitchen drains;

(b) "Graywater", all domestic waste not covered in paragraph (a) of this subdivision, including bath, lavatory, laundry and sink waste;

(13) "Subdivision", land divided or proposed to be divided for predominantly residential purposes into such parcels as required by local ordinances, or in the absence of local ordinances, "subdivision" means any land which is divided or proposed to be divided by a common owner or owners into three or more lots or parcels, any of which contains less than three acres, or into platted or unplatted units, any of which contains less than three acres, as a part of a uniform plan of development;

(14) "Subsurface soil absorption system", a system for the final renovation of the sewage tank effluent and return of the renovated wastewater to the hydrologic cycle, including the lateral lines, the perforated pipes, the rock material and the absorption trenches. Included within the scope of this definition are: sewage tank absorption systems, privies, chemical toilets, single-family lagoons and other similar systems; except that a subsurface sewage disposal system does not include a sewage system regulated pursuant to chapter 644;

(15) "Waste", sewage, human excreta or domestic sewage.

(L. 1986 H.B. 1101 ยง 1, A.L. 1994 S.B. 446)

*Word "waters" does not appear in original rolls.

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