Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 701
State Standards
Section 701.054

August 28, 2014

Registration of contractor may be denied, suspended or revoked, procedure, appeal--reregistration application may be made when--official roster of contractors published by department, content.

701.054. 1. A contractor's registration may be denied, suspended or revoked by the department if the contractor violates sections 701.025 to 701.059 or any rule or regulation adopted thereunder. The contractor may appeal to the department within thirty days of the notice of denial, suspension or revocation by requesting a hearing or written review of the decision. After the hearing or written review, the department shall issue a final decision which the contractor may appeal as provided by sections 536.100 to 536.140. If the department's decision to revoke, suspend or deny is upheld or not appealed, the contractor may reapply for registration one year after the date of the departmental action.

2. Each contractor shall furnish proof of valid registration if requested by any person or a city, county or department.

3. The department shall publish an official roster of registered contractors. The department shall also publish a list of the names of the contractors who have had their registration revoked, suspended or denied pursuant to sections 701.025 to 701.059.

(L. 1994 S.B. 446 ยง 701.053 subsecs. 3, 4, 5)

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