Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 700
Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes)

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August 28, 2013

700.010. Definitions.
700.015. Code compliance required, when--seal required--exemptions from code
requirements for sale of new recreational vehicles and park trailers.
700.021. Seals issued to persons, when--manufacturer to certify that unit
meets code.
700.025. Alteration of unit with seal, prohibited when.
700.030. Reciprocal recognition of seals, when.
700.035. Unit bearing seal not required to comply with certain other
codes--special provisions for recreational vehicles and park
700.040. Duties and powers of commission--manufactured housing fund created,
purpose--rules, procedure.
700.041. Manufactured housing consumer recovery fund established, use of
700.045. Certain acts declared misdemeanors.
700.050. Issuance of seals to manufacturer suspended, when--removal of attached
seal, when.
700.055. Serial numbers required when, form.
700.056. Dealer to provide buyer certain information.
700.060. Units covered by sections 700.060 to 700.115.
700.065. Manufactured homes to be anchored.
700.070. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.076. Owner to anchor manufactured home, how, when--commission may
promulgate rules--insurers to insure, when, must pay, when--suit
against persons anchoring or tying down manufactured home, damages,
equitable relief.
700.080. Letter of approval required for anchoring and tiedown systems--display
and copy requirements.
700.085. Certain units exempt from sections 700.060 to 700.085, when.
700.090. Manufacturers and dealers to register--commission to issue
certificate, when--registration to be renewed, when,
fee--renewals may be staggered.
700.095. Registration and renewal requirements, application contents--fee.
700.096. Monthly reports required--inspection of certain records
authorized--law enforcement official defined.
700.097. Registration not required, when.
700.098. Sanctioning of registration, when.
700.100. Refusal to renew, grounds, notification to applicant,
contents--complaints may be considered.
700.111. Surrender of certificate of origin and certificate of
title--confirmation of conversion, when--rulemaking authority
700.115. Violation of sections 700.010 to 700.115 constitutes violation of
section 407.020--violation of chapter, penalties--rules.
700.320. Certificate of title, application procedure, fees--payment of sales
tax before issuance--purchase price, defined--certificates may be
transferred, when, procedure--refusal to issue, when--affidavit
of affixation, requirements--certificates, requirements.
700.350. Liens and encumbrances--valid, perfected, when, how--home subject to,
when, how determined--security procedures--validity of prior
700.355. Certificates of title, delivery of, how, to whom--election for
director to retain possession, procedure.
700.360. Creation of lien or encumbrance by owner, duties, failure to perform,
penalty--subordinate lienholders, perfection procedure--new
certificate issued, when--governing, law.
700.365. Assignment of lien or encumbrance by lienholder, rights and
obligations--perfection by assignee, how.
700.370. Satisfaction of lien or encumbrance, release of, procedure.
700.375. Provisions of sections 700.350 to 700.380 exclusive--exceptions.
700.380. Liens and encumbrances incurred before July 1, 2003--how
terminated, completed and enforced.
700.385. Repossessed homes, certificate of title--application procedure, fee,
form of--manufactured homes, notice--issued when--director of
revenue, duties--rulemaking authority.
700.390. (Repealed L. 2002 H.B. 2008 A)
700.450. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.455. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.460. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.465. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.470. (Repealed L. 2008 S.B. 788 A)
700.500. Director of revenue to notify assessor of home's location, when.
700.525. Manufactured home defined.
700.526. Abandonment deemed, when.
700.527. Abandonment of manufactured home or rental real property--owner of
property may seek lien, when, procedure--director's duties.
700.528. Contest of lien, procedure.
700.529. Notice of lien--lien amount deemed unpaid rent--no certificate of
title until all rent paid.
700.530. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.531. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.533. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.535. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.537. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.539. (Repealed L. 2010 S.B. 630 A)
700.541. Rules, promulgation.
700.600. Notice required before landlord may evict, when--landlord
prohibited from increasing rent, when.
700.630. Survivorship interest in manufactured homes--issuance of certificates
of ownership, requirements, restrictions.
700.650. Citation--definitions.
700.653. Program to assure proper installation of manufactured homes required.
700.656. Installers to be licensed by the commission--no local license
required--certain entities to employ licensed installers--license
not required, when.
700.659. License issued by commission, when, applicant requirements--additional
requirements--term of license, renewal.
700.662. Reciprocity of license requirements.
700.665. Limited-use installer license authorized.
700.668. Renewal notice--notification of insurance coverage--license
inactive, when--reissue of license authorized.
700.671. Prohibitions--violation, penalty.
700.674. Prohibitions.
700.677. Discipline authorized--methods of discipline--complaint may be
considered, effect--notice.
700.680. Complaints to be investigated--subpoenas authorized--petition in
court authorized, when.
700.683. Installers to follow standards--standards to be adopted by
commission--commission decals.
700.686. Inspection standards.
700.689. Dispute process required.
700.692. Administration--fees authorized--rulemaking authority.

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