Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 701
State Standards

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August 28, 2013

701.010. Definitions.
701.015. Glazing material to be labeled--sale of nonconforming material
701.020. Penalty for noncompliance.
701.025. Definitions.
701.027. Scope of coverage.
701.029. Operation of on-site sewage disposal system, restrictions.
701.031. Disposal of sewage, who, how, exception.
701.033. Department of health and senior services--powers and duties--rules,
701.035. Local regulations and standards, requirements--private right to action
not preempted.
701.037. Violations, notice of, contents, prosecuting attorney to institute
proceedings, when--emergency situation, when.
701.038. Sewage complaints, investigation by department, when--right to
inspect adjoining property, procedure requiring notice, exception.
701.039. Clean water commission may take action, rules not to conflict.
701.040. Standards for sewage tanks, lateral lines and operation of on-site
sewage disposal systems, duties of department--rules authorized.
701.043. State standards, content.
701.046. Modification or major repair to on-site sewage disposal system,
requirements--form--fee, how set--additional fee may be set for
training contractors performing percolation tests.
701.047. City or county may adopt more restrictive standards.
701.048. Modifying or repair of on-site sewage disposal system, noncompliance
with standards prohibited.
701.049. Fees collected by department to be deposited in public health
service fund, purpose.
701.050. Construction or repair notice--requirements and inspection--failure
to comply with standards, effect.
701.051. Inspections by department, who may request--fee--department may
license contractors to inspect.
701.052. Violator found guilty not to begin construction for another person
without bond or letter of credit--forfeiture when, effect--emergency
repairs of--effect.
701.053. Registered on-site disposal system contractor, form,
qualifications--registration issued by county to be deemed state
701.054. Registration of contractor may be denied, suspended or revoked,
procedure, appeal--reregistration application may be made
when--official roster of contractors published by department, content.
701.055. Property owners may install, modify or clean their own on-site
sewage disposal system in compliance with requirements, no
permit required for cleaning.
701.057. Violations, penalties and fines.
701.058. Stakeholder meetings, permits and inspections of systems--report.
701.059. Creation of a nuisance on certain residential property is an
infraction--sewage disposal system in violation, statute of
limitations starts to run, when.
701.100. (Transferred 1994; now 643.253)
701.106. (Transferred 1994; now 643.255)
701.120. (Transferred 1994; now 643.260)
701.122. (Transferred 1994; now 643.263)
701.125. (Transferred 1994; now 643.265)
701.300. Definitions.
701.301. Rules.
701.302. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
701.304. Inspections and risk assessments, purpose,
conditions--warrant--samples--fees for licenses and
701.305. Educational information to be provided on department website.
701.306. Notification of risk to health of children.
701.308. Abatement of hazard by owner--no eviction, effect--failure to abate,
violation, order of compliance--relocation--report of violation.
701.309. Contractor to notify department, when--notification fee, due when.
701.310. Manner of abatement--owner may perform abatement, when.
701.311. Compliance inspections--warrant--notice of
violation--hearing--enforcement manual to be posted on website,
701.312. Program to train and license lead inspectors and
others--rules--liability insurance required.
701.313. Lead abatement grant projects, notification to department
required--violation, penalty.
701.314. Program to train and license lead inspectors, supervisors, and
701.316. May not inspect or abate without license--lists--revocation or
suspension of license, hearing--cease-work order.
701.317. Additional remedies--rulemaking authority--administrative
penalties, requirements--deposit of penalty moneys in lead abatement
loan fund.
701.318. Laboratory analysis of lead-bearing substances--reports.
701.320. Violations, penalty.
701.322. Laboratory services for disease, lead content--fee.
701.324. Right to maintain suit not affected--local standards may be enforced.
701.326. Lead poisoning information reporting system--level of poisoning to be
reported--health care professional and department director to provide
701.328. Identity of persons participating to be protected--consent for release
form, when requested--use and publishing of reports.
701.330. No liability for providing information--exception--penalty.
701.332. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 89 A)
701.334. Promotion of minority persons.
701.336. Department to cooperate with federal government--information to be
provided to certain persons--lead testing of children, strategy to
increase number.
701.337. Department to establish lead abatement loan or grant program--Missouri
lead abatement loan fund created.
701.338. Rules--promulgation--procedure.
701.340. Childhood lead testing program established--test to be used--parental
701.342. High risk areas identified--assessment and testing
requirements--laboratory reporting--additional testing required, when.
701.343. Duties of the department.
701.344. Evidence of lead poisoning testing required for child-care facilities
located in high risk areas--no denial of access to education
701.345. Childhood lead testing fund created.
701.346. Rulemaking authority.
701.348. Political subdivisions may provide more stringent requirements.
701.349. Severability clause.
701.350. Definitions.
701.353. Elevator safety board established, appointment, terms, vacancies,
qualifications--meetings called when, chairman how elected, quorum,
701.355. Powers of the board.
701.357. Codes adoption by political subdivisions to be more stringent than
certain other American codes.
701.359. Exemption for political subdivisions that adopt and enforce
certain codes, exception state requirements on certification of
inspection and inspectors.
701.361. Rulemaking procedure.
701.363. All installations shall have state certificate of inspection and meet
safety code.
701.365. Chief safety inspector, duties, exceptions--violations, orders
directing compliance or if dangerous, use to be discontinued.
701.367. Political subdivision shall have enforcement powers of inspector
if local law requires annual inspection.
701.369. Safety inspectors to be certified by board, qualifications--board
to establish professional code.
701.371. Inspectors authority to enter premises to inspect--installations to be
registered with board, form, content.
701.373. Permit required to construct or alter installations--plan to prove
compliance--operating permit issued when--temporary permits allowed
701.375. Operating certificate issued when--content--posting requirements.
701.377. Fees, how set, limitation--deposit--elevator safety fund created,
purpose--fees paid to political subdivisions, when, exception, state
701.379. Appeal from chief safety inspector's decisions, procedure.
701.380. Violators guilty of crime of abuse of elevator safety, penalty.
701.381. Elevator safety and inspection requirements not applicable, when.
701.383. Grain elevators and feed mills, certain elevators exempt from
safety and inspection requirements.
701.450. Equal number of water closets, diaper changing stations,
requirements--extension of time for compliance, requirements (St.
Louis City).
701.500. New product sales, energy efficiency requirements--exceptions.
701.502. Study to be conducted--report, contents.
701.503. Rulemaking authority.
701.506. Updating of minimum energy efficiency standards.
701.509. Advisory group created--purpose of group--members, terms, meetings.
701.512. Testing procedures for new products--certification by manufacturers
required--identification of new products in compliance
required--testing and inspections--rulemaking authority.
701.515. Investigation of complaints--attorney general may enforce.
701.550. Definitions--requirements for towers 50 feet or higher--violation,

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