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Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 34
State Purchasing and Printing
Section 34.044

August 28, 2013

One source of supplies, waiver of competitive bids and proposals--recession of waiver, when--single source exists, when--advertising waived, when.

34.044. 1. The commissioner of administration may waive the requirement of competitive bids or proposals for supplies when the commissioner has determined in writing that there is only a single feasible source for the supplies. Immediately upon discovering that other feasible sources exist, the commissioner shall rescind the waiver and proceed to procure the supplies through the competitive processes as described in this chapter. A single feasible source exists when:

(1) Supplies are proprietary and only available from the manufacturer or a single distributor; or

(2) Based on past procurement experience, it is determined that only one distributor services the region in which the supplies are needed; or

(3) Supplies are available at a discount from a single distributor for a limited period of time.

2. On any single feasible source purchase where the estimated expenditure shall be five thousand dollars or over, the commissioner of administration shall post notice of the proposed purchase. Where the estimated expenditure is twenty-five thousand dollars or over, the commissioner of administration shall also advertise the commissioner's intent to make such purchase in at least two daily newspapers of general circulation in such places as are most likely to reach prospective bidders or offerors and may provide such information through an electronic medium available to the general public at least five days before the contract is to be let. Other methods of advertisement, however, may be adopted by the commissioner of administration when such other methods are deemed more advantageous for the supplies to be purchased. The requirement for advertising may be waived, if not feasible, due to the supplies being available at a discount for only a limited period of time.

(L. 1995 H.B. 562)

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